La Flor

Hello and Welcome,

So earlier this week, I had to say goodbye to Earth University as for the duration of the trip we would not be back. However, I got to say hello to Earth University-La Flor. So La Flor is really cool mainly because it has AC and private bathrooms but the setup is completely different from the main Earth. The food is just as good and the landscape is still really cool, so anyway my day started at 6:30am with breakfast and then afterwards we took a bus to the forest and took a little morning hike. It was good being back in the forest because I haven’t entered one since the first course with Dr. Skole. We saw a lot of cool things and beautiful scenery which calls for a photo op!


Photo taken by Savannah

After the hike we stopped by a couple of mango trees and ate some fresh mangoes, they were so freaking good! And then after that we had some free time before lunch and not going to lie, I took a nap because hiking is exhausting! Later after lunch was consumed, we traveled to a classroom and worked on an assignment, the assignment was to created a presentation of our time in the home stay and it had to be presented all in Spanish! The presentation went well as we all worked together and presented together!

The next day also started at 6:30am with breakfast and the arrival of the other Earth students. After breakfast, we traveled to the field with the other students to work with them and learn about soil and all that good stuff! It was really hot, of course, but my group got done really fast so it was all good. I am glad that we had worked with the other students because we got to learn from them on an educational and cultural level. Work lasted to about 12ish and so we traveled back to the campus to eat lunch and prepare for the lecture at 1:30pm about the data we collected in the field. The lecture was taught in Spanish, with a little bit of English translation but it was really nice trying my best to understand everything that was going on, I like a little challenge in my life. The lecture lasted until 3:45!

At 5:00, as part of our curriculum we have to present a presentation on a certain crop and today the banana group consisting of Meryn, Brooke, and Jenny educated us on bananas. They did really well and I was amazed at how well informed and put together their presentation was because we have been so busy these past few days! My day ended with a sighting of a pisote and chicken for dinner!

*Please do not ask how I did not mention this earlier but before arriving to Earth-La Flor we stopped by a cocoa farm and ate so much chocolate that I thought it was Valentine’s Day! The husband/owner of the farm, Pablo started off our tour with showing us how to make ceviche and cut up some fresh Heart of Palm and it was so good I had to get seconds! The really good part came in when he made fresh hot chocolate, and gave us all these treats that were covered in chocolate, needless to say I was overcome with happiness and joy. We even toured the farm and he cut up some cocoas and let us try the inside of it. This visit made my day because chocolate is my life!

Thank you for reading!


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