Home at the Homestay pt.2

Hello and welcome,

This post is part two to my time at the homestay with Merilu and her family! So the day started at 6:30 with another wonderful and fulfilling breakfast by Merilu and a much needed glass of jugo de naranja (orange juice, I love orange juice). Our adventure started with a ride to a black pepper farm owned by a guy named Victor! It was a rainy day but we were put to work helping Victor clean the drainage canals of all the leaves and weeds in the way. It was a lot of work but crazy thing is that Victor, an older gentleman does all this work by himself! A running theme throughout my post so far is appreciation for where my food comes from, once again I find myself reminiscing on all the black pepper I have used and never once have I thought about the hard work that went in to making it for me.

Work at the black pepper farm lasted for a few hours but we got it all done. The couple were really nice so that once we were done they had coffee and crackers waiting for us on the table. Still raining, we traveled back to the house and had some more food…yes we had more amazing food! Afterwards, we were given free time to take a nap or do whatever so my friends and I played a card game called euchre, which I improved at since learning at La Selva!

Around 4 or so, Merilu and her husband came back with ingredients for us to make donuts! Merilu pulled out her recipe and all of us got to part take in the process of creating them. They came out so good and she even added chocolate, sugar,coconut creme and sprinkles to them. They were so freaking good but I could only eat one because they were so heavy and I had to leave room for dinner. Dinner was really good and on top of that the rest of the Rojas family came over so you know what that means…more bailando! It was such a long night but it was super fun because the music was bumping and so were all of us!

Photo taken by Sara

The next day, we had another family day in which we all traveled to Termales, a hot spring water park! We all had so much fun and the pools were crazy! Everyone was jumping from every which way and splashing water it was honestly reminded me of my younger days, just kidding I’m still young! Anyway, I got to interact with everyone and practice more of my Spanish! Merilu, Issiah, and Freddy were cooking food for us when we got out of the pool and it was superb, there was this bean dip that I would mind flying four hours just to get…yes it was that good but besides that there was chicken, beef, sausage, tortillas, vegetables and this pineapple dip. After that, my friends and I played a game of euchre, which my partner and I won and then we finished out the day out by drying off and singing songs like Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles and The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back!

After we were done at the hot springs, we packed up all of our things and got on the bus to go back to the house where we prepared for dinner. However before dinner we had a heart to heart with Merilu and Issiah, they told us how much they cared for us and how much they enjoyed having us be apart of their family. Even though I did not say anything, I would just  like to say to Merilu and Issiah ” Muchos gracias por el ayuda con mi espanol porque mi espanol es muy muy mal!”

The next morning, we had to say goodbye to the Rojas and it was so sad because I really enjoyed it at their house and with their family but I am very thankful for the experience and memories!

Photo taken by Jenny

Thank you for reading!



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