On the Road to Monteverde

So only after a day of coming back from La Selva, I was already packing my bags again to head to out next excursion of this course which was Monteverde. Monteverde was a good 7 hour bus ride, partly due to the construction going on that caused us to sit there for like an hour but hey, I dont mind long road trips. Just getting up the mountain was a little over an hour and thirty minutes but the scenery was exquisite.

On a different tone, I was really sad going to Monteverde because one of the best friends I made here, went home as she was only staying for two weeks and not four. But she was so awesome and I as well as my other friends still miss her. Have fun Beth and hope you can come to Mizzou sometime!!!

When we arrived there, we stopped to eat at a restaurant named Amy’s and the food was really good, I had pizza with bacon(just as a side note)! The town is not huge but I was surprised to see how busy and touristy the town was. Also, because the town was up in the mountains, in the cloud it was a lot colder as compared to the rest of the places I have been in  Costa Rica. After eating at Amy’s, we headed to our lodging, which was at the….. I really liked it there because they had bunked beds and minimal bugs which was alright for me! Dr. Skole then allowed us to explore the forest on our own and we hiked our way all the way to a waterfall, a very beautiful one at that!

And then after our hike to the waterfall, we then loaded up into the bus and went into the town and got time to explore. The town like I mentioned before is not huge but it was still pretty exciting. They had a cool little gift shop that we all went to and I personally walked out with cocoa because why not! In our search for tacos, my friends ended up at the TreeHouse Cafe and ordered some drinks, I had a mango smoothie and it was the bomb-diggity, so for a while we chilled out and talked with one another and plus it was raining.

For dinner, we headed to a restaurant called Tramonti’s  and it was an Italian themed place with some awesome water pouring waiters. We had pizza, salad and bread and it was super good. Everyone had a good day but honestly all of were super exhausted and most of us fell asleep as soon as we got back to our rooms.


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