New Beginnings

So as of today, my classmates and I start a new course on sustainable agriculture. Our day started at 7am as we ate breakfast and prepared to meet our new professor who is none other than one of Earth’s many graduates Freddy Quiros from the class of 1995, as well as our new teacher’s assistant, Ricardo!20170529_143341_HDR

In the time we had our lecture, we picked groups for our future presentations on a crop of Freddy’s choosing which consisted of bananas, conventional pineapples, organic pineapples, and black pepper. My group made of Kori, Elizabeth and I chose black pepper, which should be interesting to learn about because I know absolutely nothing about black pepper so I’m very excited to go to this farm and check it out. We also chose an activity that we complete while at Earth which would consist of us really getting some hands on experience in the field. I chose to work at the dairy farm, I chose this because as an animal science major at Mizzou and being in dairy club/challenge, I work closely with cows and I would like to further my education and experience with this opportunity!

After class, we got on the bus and headed to a pineapple plantation and tons and tons of pineapples growing, it was almost insane thinking about the amount of work that goes into this because as we drove by we saw a covering over all the pineapples to protect them from the sun but somebody had to do it, right? Our professor, Freddy cut open a few pineapples to show us how one should look and he even gave us a few tastings which were soooo good. As we were there we saw the workers harvesting the pineapples! Fun fact: did you know it takes about 9 months to grow the flower and about 5 months for the flower to bear fruit, I surely didn’t!

After leaving the field, we headed to the pineapple packing plant and saw the craziness that goes on there! First we had to put on hair nets and that is always a struggle for me cause my hair is just so darn big, but happy ending, we got it on! Anyway, we saw how they clean the pineapples and test them to make sure……(we also got to eat more pineapples)… The packing plant was just so busy but it was cool to see the synergy that was created by the workers as they were all working together in what I thought looked confusing.



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