Home at the Homestay

Hello and Welcome,

This post will be about my amazing time at Merilu’s house. So part of this course in sustainable agriculture is living with host family and learn by doing because when in Costa Rica…you know the rest!

So i’m not going to lie on this post (not that I lie on them any other time) but I was super nervous about coming to the homestay because they did not have wifi and yes I know it sounds sad but hey i’m young and stupid but get this the homestay was soooo fun that I actually forgot the whole ‘wifi situation’ and fully realized that it is good to be apart for the technological world(sometimes). Anyway that is besides the point, the Rojas family consist of Merilu, her husband Issiah, and their two kids Merilyn and Issac also accompanied by their cousin, Oscar!

The first day of work, we went to the farm and we got to milk some goats and cows, which is my area of interest! As an animal science major it was great to take what I learned at Mizzou and apply it to real life so that was really cool for me to do. Everyone got to learn how to milk and i’m glad because it’s something that changed my perspective on livestock and it actually is fun to do. Also I have never milked a goat so it was something new for me to experience as well!

After that we went to the pineapple plantation and helped Issiah weed because weeds are harmful to the development of the pineapples. The task seems easy that is until you are doing it and it looks like it will never end! It takes a whole lot of work to do that because my back and knees were aching which once again makes me appreciate where my food is coming from because once you are on the other end of the spectrum the view of a simple pineapple changes. Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures of my experience because I did not bring my phone to work but it was fun and exhausting all at the same time! Also, after weeding we helped harvest the pineapples and that was really cool too because we all worked together so smoothly that we were done quicker than I thought we were going to be!

After doing work all morning, we had some of Merilu’s wonderful cooking and chilled out before preparing a little family excursion to el rio (the river). The trip to the river was so really fun because I rode in the trailer and well you had to be there but it was so bumpy and had me cracking up the whole time (shout out to Savannah!).

Anyway, the river was so nice and refreshing  and honestly what I needed after a long day of work but the real nice part about the river that I appreciate was the fact that it felt like I was actually part of this family and it was quite heartwarming because prior to leaving for Costa Rica, I only had a day in between leaving Mizzou and boarding the plane that I did not have a lot of family time before departing so it felt good to have that home away from home since I couldn’t be with my real family!

The day ended with another exquisite meal by Merilu and bailando(dancing)! Everyone in the Rojas family can dance super good! Overall, I had a great day!

Thank you for reading!


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