Trip to Tortuguero

On Friday, My friends and I traveled to Tortuguero if that wasn’t obvious enough by the title! We woke up very early and left by 7:00am on one of the EARTH buses from there we traveled a little bit into a nearby town called Guapiles, where we stopped for breakfast at La Selva Tropical. When we got there the staff was still setting things up so all of us got the opportunity to walk through their butterfly garden. It was so awesome to see ’cause I’ve never seen that many butterflies, especially not in a concentrated area like this. They even had the butterflies that were still in their cocoon on display as well. In case you were wondering, there were these pretty blue butterflies and those were my favorite! The food was once again outstanding here in Costa Rica, at La Selva Tropical, we had……

The ride to Tortuguero took about an hour and a half give or take and one of the cool things about this ride is that it went from urban to rural on a dramatic scale. In the more urban areas there were pineapple,cassava, and banana plantations, where in the rural side I saw a lot of cattle operations, which spiked my interest because as an animal science major have learned a lot about since coming to Mizzou.

So fun fact, the only way to Tortuguero, unless you freefall into it, is to get there by boat so arriving at the port, we were able to visit the gift shop and chill until we were all set to go. The boat we took was set to go to the Laguna Lodge and it took about an hour or so to get there and not going to lie I thought the ride was going to be a bit boring but it was anything but boring. First of all, the captain at some parts was going fast, which was great because the breeze felt amazing  but we saw an alligator, iguana, a spider monkey and many different birds.


After arriving and settling at the Laguna Lodge, we took a boat into the town of Tortuguero to tour and explore. The town is not that big but all the people were really nice and all the shops were unique. A lot of the shops that were there were items the shop owners produced themselves, like necklaces, bracelets, candles, and little knick -knacks. I personally bought a smoothie from this store and it was absolutely one of the best smoothies I have ever tasted. The town also has a big recycling facility where the town makes most of their money which they used to innovate the town like adding paved roads and building the elementary school.

Ending the night, there was a huge thunderstorm that lasted for hours, and personally I thought it was cool and it put me to sleep but it was kind of freaky seeing the lightning so close from my window and hearing the crash from the thunder so clearly.

Saturday morning started at 5:45am, with a boat tour through the park. While on this tour which lasted about 2 hours, we saw even more animals like iguanas, Howler monkeys, Spider monkeys, a Capuchin monkey, tiger herons, and turtles. The boat ride was so soothing to be on honestly it was just about putting me to sleep (I didn’t sleep though, just saying). After the tour was over, we came back to a big breakfast that was so good I really wanted to take a nap after that (I did not sleep though, just saying). For the rest of the day, my friends and I  spent our time doing school work assigned by our awesome and hilarious professor, Dr. Skole.


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