The Visit to La Selva

A couple of days ago, my day started at 7am (such a wonderful start to a blog). After breakfast, We headed to Fundecor. Upon arrival, we listen to Gabriel, our Fundecor representative and he explained to us the history and mission of Fundecor in Costa Rica, which goes something like this “FUNDECOR is a pioneer of sustainable development and responsible management of natural resources in Costa Rica and, with its innovative and committed quest vocation, it seeks to maintain Costa Rica´s leading role in environmental issues at an international level”( taken directly from their website). After that we left to go to the forest where we trekked through a forest to see how a managed forest operates. It was really cool cause I got to see how a skidder trail works, which are used for selective logging operations. As cool as this forest was to see it was a little tough for me to get through cause I just kept tripping, slipping, and sliding.

When the exploration of this forest was done, we all took a trip to a restaurant for lunch and let me just tell you ever since coming to Costa Rica I have not had a bad meal yet! The food was excellent but when it was over, we headed to a vanilla plantation that I thought was pretty sweet! The couple that lived there lived a hill in which you could see the best view of all the mountains and it was quite breath-taking if I do say so myself.  Rosalie, the wife, pollinates all the vanilla by hand, which is super impressive since it’s such a delicate and time-consuming practice, as well as a commodity. My time there got even better as the husband, Mike was selling fresh vanilla and vanilla extract that I was able to buy for like $6, which is like a steal in my book by the way.

After leaving the vanilla plantation and parting ways with Gabriel, we headed to La Selva, a biological research center. While there, we had lunch, dinner and participated in a night tour of the rain forest. The tour lasted for like 2 hours but it was quite cool as this was my first time walking in a rain forest…at night. I honestly thought it was going to be creepy but I saw so many cool things like bats, a sloth, frogs, lizards and toads that the creepiness faded. Our tour guide was really good because he was able to spot the smallest things in the trees and leaves that had me asking myself “How in the world did he see that’, I was quite impressed because if I was alone I would have missed half the things that was right in front of my own eyes.

In the morning after breakfast, a few of my friends and went on a guided tour that was about two hours to see more of the forest during the daytime. The forest was just as cool as it was in the nighttime and our guide was hilarious but he showed us cool things like a wild turkey, wild hogs, white bats, and iguanas. We had a lot of fun and learned lot however the one thing I hated was the fact that we had to cross a suspended bridge and fun fact about me is that I really do not like suspended bridges, they freak me out with the way they sway and shake when you walk on them. But other than my mini- freak out session over the bridge, I really enjoyed my time at La Selva.

Thank you for reading!


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