Rain Forest Adventure

Hello and Welcome,

Just a little note before you start reading this, this post will be kind of short because it was based on a one day event that I just had to share. With that being said please enjoy my recap on my awesome rain forest adventure!

Yesterday, I, for the first time, entered and explored a rain forest! I must say it is as beautiful and complex as everyone says. The day started like any other with a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Which on a side note would like to just say the cafeteria staff here is freaking awesome!!

Any who, we took an Earth bus up the rain forest reserve that Earth has on their campus. the drive is about 10 minutes or so and you have to go through the banana plantation to get there. The banana plantation was really cool to look at because 1) I have never seen one before and 2) these banana’s are shipped to Whole Foods, which is a store I visit so it was really cool learning about where my food comes from.

The purpose for the first day at the reserve was to explore and get introduced to a proper primary/secondary rain forest. One of the first things I noticed when getting there was the big ol’ spiders that called this place home. I really do not like spiders but that is besides the point, the real point is that I have not seen spiders that big or diverse before and that was actually a cool but creepy thing to see.

20170517_084015We started our trek through the rain forest on a cement path that led us up into a whole entire different world unbeknownst to me that made me work hard! Even though it was 9 am it was still a bit humid and very hot, so walking up through a forest had us all sweating bad but along the way we saw so many different things that at the end of it was kinda worth breaking a sweat.20170517_093201 (1)

20170517_090047 (1)

20170517_090739 (1)

IMG_0080 (1)

Photo taken by Jenny of well, Jenny and I!!

The other participants have a really good eye because they were able to spot a snake, a blue jean frog, weird looking mushrooms and leaf cutter ants, and that is just awesome because it’s so cool seeing it by the naked eye  as pictures sometimes don’t do it justice. Also, along this journey we saw so many plants and trees and I know that doesn’t sound like the  most exciting thing but honestly seeing how old, complex and just plain tall some of these trees are it gets rather interesting, trust me.

Photo taken by Meryn

20170517_091508 (1)

Photo taken by Meryn
Photo taken by Meryn

The second part of class we spent an hour or so at the banana plantation! Like I mentioned above, I have never seen one before, so seeing it even more up close had like ‘woah dude, that’s gnarly’, well not exactly but you get my drift…anyway, the banana’s are kept in these blue plastic bags which is for the purpose of adding an extra barrier of protection and to keep them looking pretty for consumers.49687258567708181-account_id=1.jpg20170517_135015.jpg

After observing just how much work is put into this it not only made me appreciate my food more but it takes a lot to do this so mad respect for those that break their backs daily for this, not sure I could do it. Fun fact: Did you know that banana’s are actually herbs, woah !

They even grow a little bit of cocoa on the banana plantation


IMG_0087 (1)
Photo taken by Jenny
Photo taken by Jenny

The conclusion of the second portion of our class actually ended with a little rain storm that lasted several and I mean several hours!

Thank you for reading!


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