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Hello and Welcome,

Two days ago I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica to study abroad at Earth University. The actual campus is located in the Limón Province, which is about 2 hours away from San Jose. It has already been so crazy since I arrived here, honestly the first thing I realized is that ‘Oh snap, everything is in Spanish!’ however once I screwed my head on straight after my 3 hour flight(which I completely slept through btw) I thought to myself ‘Girl, everything is going to be fine’. 20170514_214112

Anyway, once I found the other Earth participants, we took a trip to The  City Mall. This mall was huge( it’s actually the largest mall in Central America) and to be honest I’ve never seen soooo many people in a mall at one time before. At the mall, we were able to order food while we waited for the last participant to come from their flight, I ordered a sandwhich from Quiznos (because I like to be different) and was successful in my quest of somewhat speaking Spanish to order my food. Snapchat-924642090.jpgNeedless to say, I felt accomplished!

The first day of class started the next day at 6:30am, with all of us eating breakfast! At first I was like ‘What 6:30am, that’s too early to be up let alone eating breakfast’ but something I learned is that by this time, it is already bright and sunny, more than half the campus is already up being productive and that this completely different from living in the United States. That morning however, I had an amazing breakfast which consisted of rice&beans, eggs, ham, watermelon, pineapples, orange juice, and coffee. It was so good that I completely forgot that it was 6 it the morning! Something I learned while eating this delicious food is that a lot of the food is grown right on campus, so its really fresh which is so cool and it actually tastes different from what I am used too!

This is fresh soup that the cafeteria was serving for lunch

The first two weeks of this trip set it’s focus on tropical forest carbon management. The course is being taught by Michigan State University’s David Skole. These first two days we have been in the classroom learning about climate change and well… carbon. I’m really excited for all the things this course has to offer because it is nice to be hands-on with my education!

MSU Green Logo
Taken from

Later, my friends and I went to meet some of the other Earth students who wanted to practice their English. It was really awesome speaking to these students because they come from all over the place wanting to better the environment as well as better themselves. I was quite impressed with how good the students’ speaking was because unlike them I am absolutely horrible at speaking Spanish! All the students at Earth are really friendly and are just some of the most awesome people you could meet. After the talk session, some of us went to the game room and it was a blast, not only did we get to bond as a group but we got to bond with others as a community!

The campus at Earth University is quite stunning if I do say so myself. I saw pictures of the campus prior to my arrival but it is even more prettier in person, I really was impressed at how well-kept and calming the campus was. The architecture is rather unique, all the flowers are beautiful and the grass is a breathtaking shade of green!7918577029228445429-account_id=1 On a side note, it is really hot and humid here in Costa Rica, and I bet you are reading this thinking like ‘duh it’s really hot’ but the reason I’m bringing this up is because during class it rained. The rain really cooled down the campus and it felt super nice! It poured for about a good 25-30 minuted before it stopped, it was quite heavy but it was also quite soothing to watch and listen too! It was also really cool because the rain literally comes out of nowhere, one minute it is hot and sunny and the next it is cool and rainy. I have not seen weather that wishy-washy besides in the Midwest (we all know it’s true, so don’t lie)!

Thank you for reading!!!


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